Goêtic Atavisms: Deluxe Edition – Frater Acher and Craig Slee


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GOETIC ATAVISMS by Frater Acher & Craig Slee – Deluxe Leather Bound in Custom Slipcase

Written in mutual exchange between practitioners Frater Acher and Craig Slee, two radical views and explorations of applied goêteia emerge. This tête-bêche book can be read from both sides; behind one cover containing the chapters by Acher, behind the other those by Craig Slee, and where they meet in the middle a preface by none other than Frater U∴D∴.

In their own unique voices, the authors draw the reader in and call on them to bring goêteia to life in their own flesh. Over twelve chapters, packed with historic detail and practical experimentations, the reader is guided to take a fresh look at such diverse bodies of goêtic work as Zosimos of Panopolis, Germanic and Old Iranian folklore, Goethe’s Faust and the Earth Spirit, Austin Osman Spare’s œuvre, as well as modern forms of corporeality such as pornography, tattoo culture, and bodily disability. Goêtic Atavisms was written not only to be a sensual experience, but to facilitate magical touch.