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This is the first grimoire in ancient and modern history dedicated exclusively to the god of death of Canaan called Mot, in Hebrew called Mawet being the main force of what we nowadays call Qliphoth. This deity is much older than any writing where Satan or Lucifer is mentioned, even Mot/Mawet is the origin of spirits such as Samael and Abadon, being the ultimate avatar of evil where the concept of the underworld as we know it today was created; such is so, that the vision Jews had of this god created concepts such as Sha’are Zalmawet and Tsalmaweth (Shaarimoth and Tzelmoth respectively) which mean the burning gates of death and the shadows of death.
The Canaanites pointed to Mot as the one responsible for death and destruction in all spheres not only in the world but also in all planes and universes. Mot is the adversary and murderer of Baal, apart from being a god of hell and death, he is also a devourer of gods. This book contains the keys to contacting this most primitive force and is one of the most obscure books written in recent years on the left hand path.
First personal Approach.
The canaanite god of death.
The religious myths of the Canaanite and the god of the death Mot.
The connections between the goddess of the sun and the God of the death according the tradition of Ugarit.
Gods, spirits and demons from different cultures related with Mot.
Erra/Nergal and its connections with Mot.
Abaddon/Apollyon and its connections with Mot.
Samael/Azrael and its connections with Mot.
Moloch/Molek and its connections with Mot.
He sons of Mot: the eaters.
Plague and destruction: two servants of the king of the underworld.
The repauma or the shadows of the death from Canaan.
Basis for the ritual practice.
Awakening the psychic or spiritual senses.
Opening ritual.
Preliminary meditations.
The 13 gates of destruction.
Invoking Erramot.
Dictionary of ugaritic words.
Hardcover book, in velvet cloth, a total of 320 pages.
All illustrations are printed in color.