Coagula – Orryelle Defenestrate-Bascule (Fulgur)


A good copy, with very minor wear along the botton of the dustjacket

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This is the second volume in the ground-breaking Tela Quadrivium Series.

Lavishly illustrated by the artist, Coagula births the magical children born of the Gods and Goddesses united by the reader in Conjunctio. From these unions now the pages are divided, and the cosmic egg cracks open: hermaphrodites and hybrids from the conjunction of masculine and feminine, solar and lunar, silver and gold gestate within and coagulate back into the world of form. Images are accompanied by evocative descriptive texts, insights and a magical ‘foreword’ and ‘backword.’

Innovative in both conception and design, this latest volume in Tela Quadrivium project is itself a child of the union of printing excellence with a personal esoteric philosophy. Printed in black, gold and silver inks on premium archival paper, Coagula takes the reader deeper into the alchemical process begun in Conjunctio.