Astral Conversations – a listener (Aula Lucis)


A fine hardback edition limited to 250 copies. Set in Fabiol type, printed on Munken Premium Cream 100% woodfree paper and bound in gold-stamped purple Brillianta cloth, with purple endpapers and a purple ribbon. Colour frontispiece and title pages, with thirteen interior illustrations.

Presented in a purple dustjacket, gold-stamped on a 175 gsm Colorplan paper, with printed artwork.

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This unusual book is neither fiction nor non-fiction, but combines both genres in a unique way. The main narrative is the record of twelve lively and sometimes humorous conversations between two occult students overheard clairaudiently by the author. The two interlocutors—Arthur Flitterflop and Joshua Bombast—meet in the astral world to discuss many different subjects, including magic, masters, conspiracy theories, the illuminati, aliens, planet ‘x’, ‘Ascension’, ‘DNA activation’, consciousness, dreams, life after death, Tibetan magic, Shamans, drugs, channeling, witchcraft, paganism, the tarot, fate versus free will, necromancy, heaven and hell, and much more. The secondary narrative consists of separate commentaries which follow each of the twelve conversations in the book. A similar format has been used before in print, most notably in The Comte de Gabalis, an Occult biography first published in an anonymous English translation of a French ‘novel of ideas’ in 1670.

Bombast and Flitterflop are based on real individuals well-known to the author whose names have been deliberately changed to protect their identities. During the course of their conversations the reader is gradually introduced to a number of little-known occult laws and principles which have rarely appeared in print before. These laws and principles reveal who and what man truly is, his material and spiritual origins and the purpose of life on earth.

Some of the subjects Bombast and Flitterflop discuss will be familiar to readers, others will not. What makes this book stand out from the mass of modern occult literature is that it does not consist of the author’s personal beliefs, opinions or speculations. All the facts, information and teachings in this book rest on the solid foundation of the Ancient Wisdom, gathered together over many thousands of years, which the profound learning of all the greatest Teachers and Philosophers, aided by Divine Inspiration, has recorded for our minds to dwell on, so that we might behold Truth. Interested readers are referred to the extensive Bibliography at the end of the book which lists some of the sources the author has drawn upon.

¶ In addition, the book contains a wealth of practical and sensible information on mental and spiritual training, which can be of the greatest personal benefit to every kind of seeker, regardless of their previous knowledge or experience. For these reasons some of the statements made in this book, and the manner in which they are made at times, may arouse much opposition in some readers. That will be very good if it leads to an opening of those eyes which are often wholly blind to all Truth; being blinded by the misleading information pounded into every mind daily via every conceivable media, until the seeker is lost in an impenetrable jungle of contradictions and speculations. However, we wish to make it absolutely clear that nothing in this book has been set down in malice, or bitterness of heart or mind. On the contrary, it is our sincere hope that this book may contain some message that will assist the reader in their understanding of the great questions of Life.