Zos Speaks! Encounters with Austin Osman Spare Category (Deluxe edition) – Kenneth and Steffi Grant (Fulgur)


This is a deluxe edition, bound in black quarter morocco

However. This copy is NOT signed by Kenneth or Steffu Grant, is un-numbered, and lacks the slipcase. Sime minor wear to the silver edging. Otherwise in clean, good condition


Over fifty years ago, Kenneth and Steffi Grant met the artist Austin Osman Spare. A mutual passion for weird art brought them together at a time when Spare, in the final decade of his life, had turned again to writing about his other passion – the occult. Zos Speaks! is an account of their meetings with Spare. In addition to the numerous letters and diary entries from the period this book also contains Spare’s last great literary works: The Logomachy, The Zoetic Grimoire and The Living Word. Here may be found a unique insight into Spare’s method of working with familiar spirits, “Delphic Oracles” and other strange formulae, including the legendary Witches’ Sabbath that Zos claimed to have attended on many occasions.

Compiled from the correspondence, diary entries, magical manuscripts, drawings and other works bequeathed by the artist to Kenneth and Steffi Grant in 1956, Zos Speaks! remains the essential source for students of Austin Osman Spare.