XVI – Scarlet Imprint


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Our civilisation is in crisis. As we confront ecological collapse, political control, wars of terror, and wars on consciousness, XVI proposes gnostic strategies for liberation. We seek emergence from this state of emergency.

Sixteen essays from contemporary occult practitioners that reveal a creative and passionate engagement with the world. Attacks on our freedoms can lead to freedom, the sudden enlightenment, the lightning path and the initiatory crisis that the tower also represents.

XVI seeks to raise magical awareness of the unique times we find ourselves in, whilst being open to the resourcefulness and indominatable nature of the human spirit to find solutions and responses to it.

The artificers behind this project are John Michael Greer, Ramsey Dukes, Carl Abrahamsson, Eric K Lerner, Raven Kaldera, Michael Idehall, Peter Grey, Dr George J Sieg, James Wasserman, Hafiz Batin, Dr Dave Evans/Francis Breakspear, Stephen Grasso, Kyle Fite, Julian Vayne, Orryelle Defenestrate Bascule, Peter J Carroll and Alkistis Dimech.

The text is riven by images from Kyle Fite, Stafford Stone, Fredrik Söderberg, Orryelle Defenestrate Bascule, Hafiz Batin, Michael Idehall and Eric K Lerner.