Volubilis Ex Chaosium : A Grimoire of the Black Magic of the Old Ones – S. Ben Qayin (Dark Harvest)


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On the 75th anniversary of the passing of H.P. Lovecraft, Dark Harvest brings you Volubilis Ex Chaosium, a grimoire of the Black Magic of the Old Ones. “Howard Phillips Lovecraft through his classic works on the Cthulhu Mythos and Necronomicon introduced his cosmicism philosophy and system of forbidden knowledge to early 20th century readers. Regarded by many as one of the most influential authors of the 20th century, he was an avid and masterful storyteller, or as some believe a magician, in his own right. Decades after publication, his works have been the inspiration of many notables within the fantasy, science fiction, horror and occult genres. However, of particular interest is the system of dark magic employed throughout these works. Some have looked upon these works as occult fantasy, while others believe there is a much deeper meaning within the tradition of the magician storyteller passing down a complete system of dark magic to a selected novice capable of intuitively transcending beyond a mere storyline. To some who have examined the works of H.P. Lovecraft, there is an apparent logical and practical system of dark magic that can be assimilated. Throughout the years many have based their own works of occult fantasy and grimoires on the works of H.P. Lovecraft.” “In Volubilis Ex Chaosium, a new practical approach has been revealed, a key dedicated to the pursuit and practice of the dark system of magic as prescribed by Lovecraft throughout his works. Never before has the very practical foundation of this dark system been offered through any tome; where the flourishes and dramatic flights of fancy of the storyteller have been stripped away leaving a solid bedrock of practical dark magic for those who are so inclined to dare enter the dark realm of Chaos Magic from within their own ritual chamber. Make no mistake, Volubilis Ex Chaosium is by no means a study of Lovecraft’s dark system of magic, it is an instruction guide from the acquisition of the instruments of ritual to the conducting of actual rituals within this system.” – Dr. Robert Ing S. Ben Qayin, with his vast knowledge of dark occult matters spanning over decades, found Lovecraft’s work to be so compelling, that after careful study a complete practical system of dark magic became more than evident to him within. Just as the magician storytellers of bygone centuries ignited a dark flame within their charges, so too was the case of S. Ben Qayin, who was so moved by what he had found, there was little doubt this system of magic as told by Lovecraft had been obtained from beyond the mere imaginative genius of the storyteller alone.