Veneration: Shapeshifting, Lycanthropy & Shamanism – Raven Stronghold (Sirius)


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Through the Third publication of Veneration series, Dr Raven Stronghold, offer us a very powerful book focusing diverse aspects in the enigmatic exploration of the arte of Shapeshifting.

Revealing diverse aspects of different traditions such as the Nordic Shamanism and its relations within the cult of Odin and Loki, passing through the Berserkers and the enigmatic Fylgja Fetch. The Bon Po tradition including a wide range of practices and beliefs, including the veneration of nature spirits, ancestral spirits, and various deities. includes practices such as divination, meditation, and ritual offerings.


The Hindu pantheon and its many faces of shapeshifting. Egyptian funeral rituals connected within the shapeshifting. The south American cult of the Jaguar, The use of sacred plants, lycanthropy and lot more.

The standard one in hard cover limited to 111 copies, include a beautiful art piece of cloth to decorate your altar wall. Deluxe include colorful plates.