Trollrún: A Discourse on Trolldom and Runes in the Northern Tradition – Nicholaj de Mattos Frisvold (Hadean)


The hardcover edition is covered in Wicotex Brillianta moss green cloth, printed on Munken premium cream 90gsm paper, with Sharade Lustra Bronze endpapers and bronze foil stamping on cover and spine. Limited to 500 litho copies.

A pre-owned copy, in good condition. Out of Print

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n TROLLRÚN: A Discourse on Trolldom and Runes in the Northern Tradition, Nicholaj de Mattos Frisvold opens the door to landscapes little known outside of Scandinavia. These landscapes are populated by mythical beings and land spirits which offer a quite different approach to the Northern Tradition than what is usual. Here the Aesir have taken a backseat in favour of discussions on the wider tapestry of Northern wisdom, such as trolldom, seidr and the legacy left by the Black Books of magic under the larger theme of ‘What the Trolls told’, comprising the first part of TROLLRÚN. This is followed by a presentation of the Elder runes, runology, and rune magic, all rooted in Scandinavian ideas of the use of runes and their magic. TROLLRÚN views this landscape through the eyes of the cunning arts, where the ice, the frost, the midnight sun, and the majestic mountains and fjords become the orchestra of TROLLRÚN’s wisdom, drenched in the powerful atmosphere of the magical north.