The Veneration at Polwheveral Manor – Benjamin Tweddell (Mount Abraxas)


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Enclosed by thickly wooded headlands and wreathed in a silence broken only by the gulls, Polwheveral Creek was the sanctuary for which Jacob had long yearned. Beset by attacks of temporary blindness, he rents a dilapidated bungalow there on the river’s edge,
craving a summer of monastic solitude. But he is not quite alone on the peninsula. From his landlord, Jacob learns that he has a neighbour, Julius De Monte, last surviving member of a recusant Catholic family, and custodian of a relic to which miraculous powers were once attributed. Behind the crumbling walls of the De Monte manor, within a shadowed reliquary,
the bones of Saint Eusebius lie interred. Bringer of wondrous and magical prodigies, he who heals the blind,
the saint who would never allow his eyes to delight in the beauty of the sky or the stars. Soon Jacob is beguiled by De Monte and the relic which he guards, ensnared in a cryptic game – the veneration at Polwheveral Manor.