The Rosicrucian Manifestos – Christian Rosencreutz (Ourobros Press)


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Published by Ouroboros Press, 2012, 116 pages, Small Octovo.

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The Rosicrucian Manifestos describe the early life of  Christian Rosencreutz, his pilgrimage to the East in search of occult knowledge and his eventual founding of the mysterious Brothers of the Rosy Cross. The enigmatic and axiomatic writing style places the texts firmly into the western esotericism and includes critiques upon the ‘closed minds’ of society, be it political, religious or intellectual and includes the legend of the founder CRC and gives very detailed descriptions of the Hidden Symbolical Vault wherein the secrets of the order were secured along with the body of Christian Rosencreutz laid in restful repose under an Everburning Lamp. The appended Letter from the Brothers of R.C. describes the Invisible Magical Mountain of the Adepts, how to get there and what to expect while ‘visiting’.