The Infernal Path – A.W Dray (Dark Harvest)


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In Liber Obsidian Obscura, A.W. Dray successfully returned the power of the Black Arts to the hands of sorcerers who approach their work with powerful shamanic techniques and strange theories. That text gave practitioners of the Left Hand Path unique material that the occult world has not seen since the early days of the Typhonian OTO or the Temple of Set. In Nox Infernus Dray explained the how and whys of vampire lore and provides the necessary information for changing the Self into a ferocious and mysterious creature of the Shadows. Rites of Burial, Blood Magic, Shadow Manipulations, and Feeding the Shadow are among some of the material found in that masterpiece. The fiends are now proud to announce Alexander Dray’s third release which will again set the bar for releasing books filled with highly unique and useable material.
“The first sorcerers collected together the necessary ingredients; ones that they could feel resonated with their purpose and would capture and hold their magical intent. They combined them together with forbidden words of power that resonated with the elements of the world around them. They stole into the night and built a fire in the most desolate of regions; homes of demons of the earth and air, and they held the effigy of their enemy aloft, weaving a powerful curse and finally throwing the charged representation into the bonfire, knowing the work was complete.”
“The Infernal Path is the embodiment of a living opposition to how traditional approaches deal with the spiritual or unseen realm. The sorcerer who embraces the infernal approach views the non-corporeal entity in a way more akin to the sorcerers of ancient times and seeks to exploit their knowledge of the invisible realms in a way that is beneficial to all parties involved, but that ultimately emphasizes their own accumulation of power and self-deification. The traditional shaman/priest seeks union with the deity and the “spiritual” elevation of themselves and their people through a subservient relationship with the spirit realm. The infernal approach to these traditions reverses this odious human impulse and thus reverses the energetic currents inherent within these systems.”