The Infernal Masque: Auric Edition – Richard Gavin (Theion)


    • Hand-bound fully in German-manufactured deep red quality leather,
    • Black and gold embossing on front and back covers, gold lettering on spine,
    • Solid custom slipcase with marbled paper,
    • Limited to 58 hand-numbered copies.

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From the author of The Benighted Path comes this long-awaited new book that delves further into the nocturnal art. The Infernal Masque explores the vital interplay between primordial darkness and infernal fire. It is the dynamic tension between these two elements that creates the sublime frisson within the flesh and soul of the Initiate, immersing them in the ecstatic tempest of daemonic reality. So awakened, one may consult the legions of the Dead, commune with spirits and eventually participate in the grand danse macabre that is the Infernal Masque itself.

Incorporating the ancient magical principles of the Eidolon, sciomancy, and Theia mania (“divine madness”), along with more contemporary themes such as estrangement and the uncanny as modes of spiritual transformation, this work is a visionary exposition of the numinous powers that vitalize the phenomenal realm from the Netherworld below. Complete with suggestions for practice and ritual, The Infernal Masque is a powerful doorway into strange and seductive realms of true magical power and experience.

Richard Gavin is an acclaimed author of non-fiction esoterica and supernatural horror fiction. His previously published works include The Benighted Path with Theion Publishing and The Moribund Portal: Spectral Resonance and the Numen of the Gallows for Three Hands Press.