The Call of the Horned Piper – Nigel Jackson (Capall Bann)


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A practical grimoire of the ancient & traditional ways of witchcraft….the most important book on witchcraft since Gerald Gardner’s ‘Witchcraft Today’. Highly recommended” The Cauldron Covers the symbolism, archetypes & myths of the Traditional Craft, or Old Religion, in the British Isles & Europe. Starting with an exploration of the inner symbology of the old Witchcraft religion, this is followed by a practical treatment of the sacred cycle, the working tools, incantations, spells & pathworking. There are also sections on spirit lines, knots, thread lore & magic, together with ancestral faery teachings. A radical & fresh re-appraisal of authentic witch-lore which may provide a working alternative to current mainstream trends in Wicca.