The Book of Sitra Achra – N.A-A.218 (Ixaxaar)


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The Book of Sitra Achra is the first complete and completely Qliphothic Grimoire giving insight into a Gnostic Luciferian-Satanic (Lucifer and Satan being contextually the titles of the Illuminator/Destroyer aspects of the Other God) facet of Ceremonial Magic with the aim to thwart the Demiurge and his Archons and give access to the Divinity, or Side of the Divine, that does not merely condemn but also actively oppose the Fall of All That Is (including itself) from the Pleroma of Ain (Fullness of Emptiness).

Within this text structured in a form similar to many of the Classic Grimoires something unique is presented, as masked by the sometimes familiar names, words and forms, a very Alien Essence is brought forth and to those that can resonate with its Hidden and Wordless Gospel of the Thoughtless God, manifested within the unwritten silence in-between that which is spelled out, the Keys to the Kingdom Within, leading to the Outside/Other Side, are made accessible.

The Book of Sitra Achra offers a modality of Gnostic Nihilistic Theurgy, codified and disclosed through Qliphothic Sorcery and while the outer structure of the work is that of a Handbook of Nigromancy (i.e. Black Divination, or here more correctly a Divining with the Black Light), evocation and “Infernal Pact Making”, the inner core that the chosen few are lead to discover, by the progression of their own Solitary Initiation based on the Work outlined in this book, is nothing less than a Path to and an Alchemical Process of Acosmic Transcendence, for the Conquering of Cosmic Heimarmene and the Liberation of All through the Wrathful and Thoughtless Compassion of the Other God/s.

This Grimoire of the Dragons of the Other Side offers the foundation for a radical form of Gnostic Magic and Spirituality in which the Archonic forces are not approached in a passive manner and instead opposed forcefully (i.e. Satanically, as a response to that which would not be receptive for Luciferian Illumination/Salvation), with the aid of the Side of Divinity to whom that which within the Current 218 is coined as the “Death Drive of God, the Will to Nihil or the Ainic Inclination” (the Impulse to Return All back into Unmanifest Mystery) resonating within those that would be as Giants in the Face of the Demiurge, have its ultimate source.

Here the Forbidden Gnosis of the Silencers of God is codified in myth, formulas, seals and rituals, making available points of ingress to those very few that share in the Will of Azerate Elohim Acherim, being the Anti-Demiurgic Impulse of Ain Sof Aur, through which the End can become attained as the beginning of the reintegration of All within the Fullness of Emptiness and the redemption of the Divine Sparks imprisoned within the Hylic Worlds of White Darkness.