The Black Book of Quimbanda (Deluxe Maioral Edition Bound in Walnut Wood and Leather)


THE BLACK BOOK OF QUIMBANDA By Ophis Christos & Necrocosm (Deluxe Maioral Edition of only 77 copies Bound in Walnut Wood and Leather)

 there is some discolouration to the white endpapers, with some minor bleedthrough. The discolouration was caused by the glue used in combination with the wood stain when securing the end sheets to the wood boards. This has occurred to all copies and was a production flaw. 

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The Black Book of Quimbanda introduces us to the ancient magical tradition of Quimbanda as a vehicle through which to interpret reality. The ancestors revered in Quimbanda were originally individuals who opposed the society of their time, a society trapped in rules, laws and dogmas, and formed by individuals trapped in a herd mentality. Quimbanda describes the learning and life experiences of these ancestors, because it is through them that we acquire the capacity to evolve and to self-develop, and to find the divine identity present in us. Quimbanda is therefore a way of learning more about the reality of this life, and glorify death, for it is through knowing and glorifying death that we acquire the knowledge that leads us to the relinquishment of any kind of attachment to life. The Black Book of Quimbanda is divided in two parts; the first one describes in detail the origins of this ancient cult and its practices, and presents a working magical system with initiation rituals, detailed instructions on how to perform the traditional Giras, the creation of a Temple, and all the works that involve a deeper understanding of the Exus and Pomba Giras. It is a detailed collection of rituals and ceremonies, all according the O.V. S. tradition. The second part explores some esoteric elements that connect the Quimbanda to Gnosticism, according to the practices of the O.V.S.