The Black Ase – The Antinomian Path of Óðinn and the Magick of the Wulfing Männerbund- Bölverkr Yggsson (Wulfing Männerbund Publishing)


  • 230 pages.
    Hard cover (case laminate with dust jacket)

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This book is a unique approach to contemporary High Magick and the Dark Tradition of Pagan Europe, an enlightening work that also includes an in-depth interview with the author. It bestows clarity upon ideas that had hitherto been left underdeveloped in other magical systems, all of which neglect to take into account the modern psyche characterising today’s Black Magick occultists, presenting them in a stark language which, in itself, feels magical. Indeed, this book is truly charged with Magick! One cannot read any of its potent passages without feeling it imbue one’s magical mind with a sense of power and potential.

Very few books on the subject of the occult could ever claim to reach beyond the general and universal, but that is precisely what this unique book does. Here, the author takes you on a path where Magick and mystery converge toward real and manifest Self-change. Though many other books may purport to elucidate the keys of successful Magick, this might very well be the first one to truly be accessible to readers with no previous knowledge or experience of occult arts and sciences.

Thanks to the magical techniques that it covers, and together with the esoteric knowledge offered by Bölverkr Yggsson, the beginner will soon recognize, and come into contact with, their personal Fetch-Daemon (the eternally evolving Self). In this book, the advanced theories and practice of Magick are explained in detail and the keys to their utilization made simple. Within its pages lies an entire worldview that encompasses every aspect of life, as the Eddas become stories of Magick and its various uses.