The Benighted Path – Richard Gavin (Theion)


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Twisting beyond the placid boundaries of civilization is an ancient path of nocturnal Gnosis. Its stalkers do not march the linear road of human progress but instead orient their souls to the luminous, haunted darkness of the Night Primeval. Many have glimpsed this eerie dimension, when sleep has delivered them onto the back of the charging Night-Mare, and recollections of these brief visitations survive in countless tales of terror and in the folklore of locales rumored to be fey or cursed. Rare, however, is the individual who willingly pays the tariff and passes irretrievably through that twilight of existence in order to become Benighted.

As an exponent of a genuine left-hand tradition Richard Gavin guides the reader on a katabasis into the dark realms of chaos where atavistic powers and daemonic initiation await the wayfarer in all forbidden splendor. Drawing on the shadow aspects of a variety of traditions, including the Death Cult of Ancient Egypt, Heathen biocentrism and folklore as well as David Beth’s pan-daemonic Gnosis, he distills them through his own initiatic esoteric praxis of more than two decades. The Benighted Path is an intense exploration in theory and practice of liminal and qliphotic in-between spaces through which surge the counter-currents that awaken the aspirant’s true Monstrous Soul. Only so empowered the Benighted may offer their adoration to the Gorgon and partake of the Sidereal Feast.

Enriched by appropriate conjurations, ritual instructions and a treatise on the Faustian pact this work is indispensable for any serious students and practitioners of the magical Arte.