The Alchemical World of Edward Kelley – Robert Plimer


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a far more positive view of Edward Kelley’s theoretical and practical alchemical research than scholars and indeed practitioners of the Art have previously given him. In Part One of his book, Plimer deals with Kelley’s much maligned and misunderstood place in the history and development of the alchemy. Plimer also investigates Kelley’s connection with the Elizabethan Magus Dr. John Dee and their objectives in line with the infamous skrying episodes. New light is also shed on Kelley’s association with Rosenberg and Rudolph II and where Pimer comes interesting conclusions not only about the specific use of key minerals in the alchemical procedures, but also about what might have happened to Kelley during his final years in Prague. Part One is completed with key excerpts from John Dee’s Diary covering his initial meeting and subsequent Bohemian adventures with Edward Kelley. In Part Two of his book, Plimer, deals specifically with Kelley’s text the Theatrum Astronomiae Terrestris (The Theatre of ‘Terrestrial Astronomy’ – literally Alchemy), in which both Kelley’s text and iconography are subjected to detailed alchemical deconstruction and analyses. Plimer makes a strong case for placing Kelley as a bridge between early 15th century (including Paracelsus) and the more developed 16th – 17th century alchemical practices (in particular those of Starkey and Newton). Kelley’s own sources are analysed alongside his own contribution and development to that of the Golden Game. These, Plimer argues reveal Kelley’s practical skill as a late 15th century alchemist and one who demonstrates a profound and indeed fundamental knowledge on the Hunting of Mercurius, the materia prima, the Green Lyon, the White & Red Powders, Lapis Philosophorum and ultimately the True Elixir. 480 pages in this hardback,