Symphonie Fantastique – Jean Michaud (Uma Press)


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London: UMA Press, 1949. First Edition. Hardcover. Very rare. Michaud described it as “Diablerie in Four Movements or a Symphony in Words. …. Something quite original in an entirely new and beautiful style.” It certainly has occult themes, with characters including the god Ra, the Priests of Hell, a trembling devil, a Christian Hermit, the Great Breath of Evil, and various torturers, to name but a few. Jean Michaud (1884 – 1961), was a musician, composer and author who had a great passion for Rosicrucian and esoteric studies, and who was for a time a friend of Aleister Crowley’s. He was also the founder and long-time head of the Order of the Hidden Masters (OHM), a highly-secretive occult fraternity based in London.