Star Above Star Below: A Ritual of Rebirth for the Winter Solstice – Joseph Wolf


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Here you will find a powerful new ritual based upon the spiritual traditions of the Greco-Egyptian era. You will explore ancient Alexandria, the epicenter of the world long known as the city where East meets West-where the mingling of mores, folkways and esoteric traditions were intermixed to create a spiritual ferment seldom equaled in the history of Western civilization. Star Above Star Below provides an empirical practice to aid the seeker in fulfilling the quest for personal meaning and illumination. The author has gone to great lengths to provide the student with all the tools necessary to perform this transforming ritual and thereby guiding the occult seeker to direct, energetic connection with the source of revelation we call deity. Joseph Wolf has been deeply involved in ancient spirituality since the early 1980s. He is a priest in both the Gnostic and Hermetic traditions. Joseph’s aim is to bring ancient wisdom into our time and make it a useful and practical part of our lives.