Splendor solis – Joscelyn Godwin (Magnum Opus Hermetic Sourceworks)


1981 edition. Some foxing and marking to the upper and outer edges. Some internal foxing


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The Splendor solis is possibly the best known manuscript of late 16th century alchemy, primarily because of the beauty of the often reproduced illustrations in the illuminated manuscript version in the British Library. However, the only available version of the text in translation, the ‘J.K.’ translation published in the 1920’s and reprinted since then, is a poor and rather paraphrased translation of the original, and has made a true appraisal of the textual material impossible.
For this edition, Joscelyn Godwin has translated the text anew from original German versions, and has consulted five primary sources. This translation is coherent and easily readable and does justice at last to the work of Salomon Trismosin.
The 22 plates are reproduced from a late 16th century German version, and Adam McLean provides a commentary on the symbolism of the process outlined in this series.
Limited edition of 250 copies. 105 pages. 22 illustrations. A5 Hardbound.