Secret Symbols of the Hellfire Club – Eamonn Loughran (Hellfire Club)


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The Hell Fire Club… It’s a group that elicits responses ranging from horror to fascination to macabre obsession. It smacks of secret society rites, mysteries revealed and revelled in, hedonistic excess and laudanum-soaked dreams; yet the sensationalist image of the Hell Fire Club quickly pales in comparison to the description of the oral tradition and the modern, continuing and resurrected tradition it has become in the hands of seekers wishing to preserve the teachings and symbols of the Club and who have at their hearts the desire for self-knowledge and truth. “Secret Symbols of the Hell Fire Club” takes the reader on a journey into the darkness of the infamous caves in which the secrets were originally given, and illuminates for those who wish to see the deeper meaning of the Mystery of Life within the sanctuary of their own soul.

The book examines the use of two symbolic ‘Keys’ which unlock Dashwood’s notorious 18th century caves in surprising ways, shows the whereabouts of the legendary ‘secret passage’ in the caves and discloses the precise magical nature of the mysterious Rosicrucian lamps which lighted the passages and secret temples within. The book relates the symbolism and activities of the Club to magickal evolution and indicates the possible existence of both Orphic mystery cult and survivals of Etruscan witch cult within the Club as well as elements of Templar cosmology in the Hell Fire Caves.

Contents of the Book:

Chapter 1 : Maxwell Armfield& The Phoenix Nest

Chapter 2 : On the Physical Appearance of the Chapter Room

Chapter 3 : On the Lamp in the Great Chamber its origins & symbolism

Chapter 4 : The Four Doves

Chapter 5 : On the Four Degrees

Chapter 6 : On Alchemy in the Chapter

Chapter 7 : On the Stewards Office, their Dress & Jewel: being the First Key Considered

Chapter 8 : The Second Key, or the Silver Star of the Priory of St.Francis: its application and meaning

Chapter 9 : The Platonic Solids

Chapter 10 : On the Mystery of the Abbott & the Ship of Fools

Chapter 11 : The Passing of the Sun

Chapter 12 : On the Inner Temple Lamp & the Small Temples Considered

Followed by ten detailed appendices and two bibliographies