Samlag – The Path of Þursian Sexual Sorcery – Ljóssál Lóðursson (Spiritual Outlaw)


108 pages.
Hard cover (case laminate with dust jacket)

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Samlag or “Communion” addresses one of the most controversial and least explored themes within the forms of Scandinavian and Germanic magic, sexual magic. Samlag: The path of the Þursian Sexual Sorcery explains the main basis of Seiðr or sorcery in relation to sacred sex and how through the myths of the giants (Angrboða and Loki) this occult knowledge was exemplified. Ljóssál Lóðursson lists in this manuscript references in ten different Nordic literary sources, including the Poetic Edda, the Prosaic Edda and the Icelandic sagas through which the methods and ritual structures for summoning spirits through magical intercourse, methods to be performed in pairs or alone, are found in a hidden way, the witchcraft mysteries behind cardiophagy and hematophagy, the Kaldhjarta or the Cold Heart of Gullveig, the true unveiled form of the Hrungnishjarta or the Heart of Hrungnir, as well as the breaking of the shackles by the gods to free the forces behind Ragnarökkr and thus produce the development of personal power and consciousness.