Qutub Or, The Point – Andrew D. Chumbley.(Xoanon)


Standard edition, 2008 reprint.

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here doth hang the Dragon’s Crown?
Where doth his jewell’d snakeskin drape
And drip the bloodied seed of pain
The Ruby Wine of Khidir’s Grape?
Above the Shadowy Form call’d “Man”
Whose Hand doth touch this Very Page
Where-on are charms to make him God…
…or yet to mask the Ape!

There is a stream of initiatic power which flows through the Body of Gnosis, moulding the Image of the Adept, casting the Shadow-form of the Great Opposer. Here its path is traced, from the Yatukih Sorcery of Ancient Persia, through the Yezidic Cult of Shaitan and the widdershins dance of the Sufi, to its present-day recension within the arcana of the Sabbatic Tradition. Defining the focus of the Magical Current of the Opposer, Qutub reflects the Design, a web of interconnection through which the Current manifests. The book unfolds as an evocatory poem of 72 verses which articulate the transmutative process of the Crooked Path. Eleven talismanic illustrations combine to express the telesmata of the Way; a commentary demonstrates in microcosm the Macrocosmic Pattern of the Design; the Rite of the Opposer reveals the Gateway to the Path through the Flesh.