Nigel Pennick – The Ideal Tower (Society of Esoteric Endeavour)


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The reader is led into the tower and up through its stages, the Vertical Pilgrimage. At each level the symbolism and sacred geometry is described and illustrated with a series of two page diagrams, the format of the book giving a one foot square double page spread. The relevant traditions of the esoteric nature of the compass directions and the associated lore of the Winds are explored.


These principles, which inspire European architecture, stretch back to the Classical times and earlier, its roots include pre-Roman Etruscan religion. But they express a relationship between humanity and the Cosmos which is universal.


Thus the Ideal Tower functions as a shared mind-temple by which we can relate to the Universe. It is a mind-temple made real, both by this book itself and in the form of those actual historical towers that make manifest its principles.


The latter are discussed in Book II which deals with a particular flowering of sacred tower building prompted by the Great Fire of London. The numinous nature of these churches has, by no means, gone unnoticed. They have inspired some of the best known psycho-geographical speculation in the form of poetry and fiction, notably Ian Sinclair’s Lud’s Heat and Peter Ackroyd’s Hawksmoor. It should be noted that both gentlemen are major figures in contemporary British literature. Both discern occult mysteries relating to the London churches built by Hawksmoor, Wren and their colleagues. The Ideal Tower explains the esoteric principles that these architects used to create the buildings that later generations were to find so compelling and so mysterious. The occultism described in this book is a refreshing addition to the familiar themes of the majority of esoteric books which, though interesting, tend to be culturally marginal, and so do not give rise to so many buildings that can be visited in Central London!


This work is the fruition of decades of research, both scholarly and artistic, which generated numerous images and diagrams. Needless to say the tower format of the book is perfect for their presentation.