Mysterium: Masterpiece Of The Unknown – Andrew Condous (Mount Abraxas)


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A doomed and secret house in the old quarters of Bucharest, a genius gentleman and a band of literati, a family history and the cosmic horror.
Andrew Condous is one of the best kept secret within the Weird literature and one of my favourite contemporary writers.
To those who worship at the altars of Thomas Ligotti and Bruno Schulz, rejoice! This Book is for You.
“At times, I would come across a book, invariably one that
had come from the small publishers of the capital and was
discarded or lost by a passing traveller, which seemed to have
been written with the language of dream. Upon reading, upon
allowing the hallucinated blood to seep from the dried ink, it
would trigger a strange reaction, a rupture of apparent reality
within the confines of my small room as I lay on my bed
plank. A swarm of invisible presences, a phantom audience, would seem to secrete from the enclosed sordid air and into the space of my suffocating room. They would speak through apertures within space or with a ventriloquist tongue through the involuntary words and sounds that emanated from my mouth, in a language that gave the impression of being a derivative of a mix of minor archaic languages long extinct.”