Mrs Midnight and Other Stories – Reggie Oliver (Tartarus Press)



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A TV reality show host helps to restore an East End music hall and uncovers the dreadful secret of Mrs Midnight and her Animal Comedians. . . . A historian travels to Switzerland to ghost the autobiography of an exiled Balkan king and encounters a sinister cult. . . . The Master of an Oxford college tries to introduce a dubious piece of modern sculpture into his college chapel with dire consequences. . . . A strange meeting takes place on a playing field between an officer on leave from the trenches and his former headmaster. . . .


The settings and characters in Reggie Oliver’s fifth collection of ‘strange’ stories are as varied and unusual as ever, though, as in previous volumes, the theatre forms the milieu of a number of his tales. But the theatres are not just English ones, in the provinces and the West End: one is on the Black Sea; another in post-colonial Kenya. Themes are equally varied, but underlying all is a deep sense of the spiritual under-currents just below the surface of everyday existence, and the precariousness of ‘normality’.


Reggie Oliver is an English playwright, biographer and writer of ghost stories. His work has appeared in a number of anthologies, including the Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror and The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror.


Mrs Midnight and Other Stories contains: ‘Mrs Midnight’, ‘Countess Otho’, ‘Meeting with Mike’, ‘The Dancer in the Dark’, ‘Mr Pigsny’, ‘The Brighton Redemption’, ‘You Have Nothing to Fear’, ‘The Philosophy of the Damned’, ‘The Mortlake Manuscript’, ‘The Look’, ‘The Giacometti Crucifixion’, ‘A Piece of Elsewhere’, ‘Minos or Rhadamanthus’.