Marbhdhraíocht Consulting the Ancestors (Deluxe Green Goatskin leather edition) – Shawn Frix (Sirius)


Deluxe Edition: Green Goatskin leather and black Print Front Cover and Spine. Comes with Talismanic necklace

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This book has been a working project for quite a few years at this point. Around 2000, I started trying to research a Druidic way of spirit communication that basically what we call Necromancy. Many people look down on that term but it is a valid spiritual science that deserves our respect as a form of gaining knowledge.  I have spent close to the last 20 years studying trying to make a historically accurate ( as I can in the modern age) method of Celtic Necromancy.


Necromancy is one of the oldest forms of magic consulting the ancestors go back to the Shamans and wisemen/Women before written history. In fact, most of the historic methods that were not preserved in mythology has been lost to time. It is the job of the necromancer to bring the dead back to life be it a spirit, knowledge or whatever our job is to bring it back to the waking world. Culture aside we are all the same with the same mission. This book is based on the Celtic/ Druidic influence. Here we will learn about the Celtic mindset but in reality, it is not any different from any other culture and, I encourage the reader to explore all the different types of necromancy.


I chose the term Marbhdhraíocht which is a word for Irish Gaelic fancy word for spirit communication or Necromancy. My background ground is traditionally Irish druidism which I have studied and practiced since I was a child. So my magick and practice have a Druidic flare and that is just my path.

I am not going into the historical aspect of Necromancy there are many good books written on it and this is based on the Celtic version.

Celtic Necromancy is very similar to the Norse tradition of Necromancy. The Norse Necromancers were so renown in their skill they could raise a corpse of a hanged person while they were still on the rope. I encourage the reader to also check out that culture also if they find they like the Celtic Necromancy.

One last thing before I close this introduction is as the practice is practicing necromancy either from this book or any other type there are reason’s why we do this practice.

*Gain prophetic Insight about the future

*Regain lost knowledge

*Access ancestral wisdom by oracular means

*Reconnecting one’s spiritual tradition with another

*Gain healing and closure