Loviatar, The Dark Mistress in Finnish Spirituality – Käärmeenkieli (Ophiolatreia Press)


130 pages.
1st edition
Hard cover

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Loviatar, a prominent figure in Finnish mythology, embodies the dark and mysterious forces of the underworld. From her ties to sorcery to her role as the mother of destructive forces, explore how Loviatar weaves her dark magic through the layers of the cosmos. Through the lens of folklore and mythology, the readers will unravel the symbolism and depth behind the tales of Loviatar, gaining insight into Finland’s rich cultural heritage and the enduring themes woven into its lore.

Regardless of your familiarity with Finnish mythology, this book offers new insights for the majority of readers. Käärmeenkieli’s use of unique and typically inaccessible source material for non-Finnish speakers truly enriches this publication, providing a deeper understanding of Finnish mythical traditions.