Kindoki A Manual of African Witchcraft and Brujeria – Afefe Ogo (Dark Harvest)


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Kindoki presents African methods to the Western occultist from a Left Hand Path perspective. For those who grew up reading obscure little booklets found in the corner botanica, to those who favor large ceremonial tombs, this text will bridge the gap by helping the true practitioner accomplish tasks in a simple but precise manner. Kindoki is a look at witchcraft and witchcraft based traditions from the perspective of an experienced practitioner of African sorcery methods. The author is an initiated Santero in the Parana line from Cuba, tracing his lineage all the way back to one of the founders of la Regla de Ocha. He has worked with Palo Mayombe, Hatian Voodoo and Mexican withcraft for over 20 years and holds several initiations in each tradition.
Afefe Ogo says “…. true magical energy is derived from the individual witch’s creative process and their connection with those forces that they have developed relationships with” and in Kindoki the reader will learn to wield potent methods that indeed foster such a connection with the ‘forces’ that have helped Magicians/Sorcerers/Witches/Shamans apply their magical energies 
for thousands of years.