(h)Auroræ – Gabriel McCaughry (Anathema Press)


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This manuscript is, and functions as, an occult text, and technically not a book ‘about’ the occult. The distinction is important. The whole idea, presentation, and perennial philosophy underlying the book, aims at provoking mystical experience, and stimulating the Divine Inspiration of the reader, so that they, in turn, become Inspiration.

(h)Auroræ is a mystifying, albeit utterly profound journey. Part ontological synthesis, philosophical rambling, magickal diary, visual grimoire, inspired mystical poem, revelatory/individuation process, and part alchemical vessel of expression, the book exists under the umbrella of what the author refers to as Gnostic Luciferianism. First and foremost, however, (h)Auroræ exists as an act of eternal remembrance.

“This alchemical treatise walks us through a startling expression of emotive gnosis… (h)Auroræ seeks beyond and above the all-too-human condition in order to understand it, and advance it vis-à-vis a sensual Sophianic psychology, witnessed in cogitation. Mind in tandem with vision, incorporates a veiled process of subtle Jungian analysis leading to a Grail quest, of intent to remove the blindfold from the Holy Fool… A work of pilgrimage, conjunction and apotheosis, it directs the reader through pause, anticipation and intake. Sometimes rapturous, sometimes ponderous.” 
(~Shani Oates, Preface to (h)Auroræ.)