Gospel of the Ghouls (1st edition) – Baron and Baronessa Araignee (The Arcane Press)


1st edition, 2015, Hardcover

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Since the beginning, man has walked within the Shadow of Death’s Despair – holding their torches aloft to keep the baying Black Hounds at bay….

We proudly present to you “The Gospel Of The Ghouls” – The Arcane Necromantic Bible.

Within this book lies the keys of Necromancy. You will learn how to work with the “Agents of Death”. Command legions of Shades. How to tie Them to Fetishes. Necromantic Sorcery. Necromantic Pathworking and much much more. We will present to you practical information, never seen before. Everything in this Grimoire is very easy to comprehend, digest and apply.

This is not just “another book” on Necromancy, but one of our personal Grimoires in which some of our guarded secrets will be made available for your consideration.

All the Rites and Rituals can be used by all paradigms and beliefs. The Simples and ingredients are easy to procure – so trivial, even a child can use it successfully – making the knowledge within this book very dangerous indeed. In this book you will have multiple choices on how to perform rites and make use of certain items. We believe that the Necromancer should have as many options available to him/her at any given time, after all – every individual is unique.

There are no Mental Constructs or Archetypes listed in our book – we work only with the most Notorious and Powerful Forces of Death, known and unknown to Adept and Neophytes alike. These Beings are Ancient and all powerful, and will initiate the Necromancer – teaching him/her directly the secrets of the Black Grave, The Crypt and the Crossroads.

For the first time we will reveal to you, some information sacred to our Order: “The Black Serpents.” As mentioned, this book is designed for all practitioners of Necromancy. This includes: Western Tradition, Diasporic, African, Hindu etc etc.