Codex Aversum Deluxe Leather Bound Limited Edition – Caine Del Sol (Aeon Sophia)


CODEX AVERSUM by Caine Del Sol – Deluxe Leather Bound Limited Edition Hardcover

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The Codex Aversum documents the results and formula surrounding the practice of Vedantic Nihilism – a system of magick created based on the results of practice, and synchronicity within varying styles of divinations.

The purpose of the text is twofold: to provide the reader with the roadmap toward connection and communication with archetypal entities, and also to lay clear the formulas and techniques that these entities have provided.

From an external perspective, Vedantic Nihilism as a practice stands somewhere between Hindu ontology, Semitic mysticism, Voodoo trance practice, Alchemy, Gnosticism, and Vajrayana Buddhism.

Its purpose, however, is to erode existing mental bias and decontextualize the divine, making clear the structure of transcendent art as it is, and not from the perspective of humanity.

Only through complete immersion in the Void, in purest surrender of our illusion of Self, can we see clear the path to total mastery, and unity with the beyond.


Across the arcing scaffolds of time, mankind has sought God unceasingly, and invariably found the devil. In time, and with the egoic proclivities of man, the message of the divine has been corrupted for the sake of monetary and political gain, making gods out of men, and devils out of gods. It is for this reason that those who seek truth must remove themselves from the structures of propaganda and bias that cloud our minds, and commune with the gods on their own terms.

The Codex Aversum outlines theory and practice of the system of Vedantic Nihilism, a decontextualized approach to the worship of the Devil and Death. Documenting the eclectic devotional practice of outcasts and isolationists by means of layered pathways of ritual and ordered archetypal spirits. Through practical and ceremonial rites, these devils of the earth and the beyond share their wisdoms, providing the means to forge a connection to the transcendent Void.

Following preliminary definitions and a comprehensive outline of applicable formula and concepts, the Codex details 81 individual entities. Emanations of the Entropic Divine presented in distinct orders of 9 Higher, and 72 Lower spirits that have made themselves known, and passed along their wisdom as the basis for the text.

The second portion of the text focuses on the use of specific sigils, and implementation of various rituals developed for the path of Vedantic Nihilism, each with specific psychospiritual function within the larger formula of the text.

The rituals, and the text as a whole, have been arranged and presented in a way that will allow both the experienced practitioner and the merely curious the necessary tools to follow the paths first forged by the authoring Coven. Yet to follow should not be the goal of the occultist. Thus further effort has been made to ensure that details of the means and elements of the formula are made clear, so that those with the proper cunning may apply the lessons and techniques to their own individual path. For the totality of esoteric knowledge and practice must continue to be refined, for the completion of the Great Work.”