Claves Regni – Nikolai Saunders (Fall of Man)


Limited to only 96 copies. In custom slipcase.

Some light rubbing to the green Italian silk cover, caused by the tightness of the slipcase.

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Claves Regni is a new opus by occult author Nikolai Saunders. This trilogy-in-one volume is a massive study into evocation, a grimoire in the classical sense of the word, following the tradition initiated by the authors of Lemegeton or The Sacred magic of Abramelin the mage. Continuing the work he initiated with Arbor de Magistro, Nikolai Saunders offers us a wealth of information regarding the sacred Arte of spirit evocation, working upon the rituals of the Argent Dawn and others and expanding them accordingly.

Claves Regni has been divided into three separate books: Tempestates Dei: de Arte Magicka cum Salomonis Rex,Secreta de Elanel and Grimorium Caelorum. These three books are intended to build up a storehouse of Angelic Power from upon which the Magician may draw. In the words of the author, “this foray into evocation begins with Tempestates Dei.The Arte of Goetic Theurgy is a discipline unto itself, and while I claim no complete mastery of the system, I am familiar with the spirits contained within the second book of the Lemegeton. My experience with these spirits has demonstrated to me that they are somewhat more unruly than their Goetic counterparts; however, somewhat less misanthropic in most cases.Secreta de Elanel contains the Geniuses of Birth drawn from Ars Paulina, and is presented as a method of communicating with one’s Genius of Birth. In this grimoire, each spirit possesses a sigil and can be evoked to physical manifestation. Thesesigils can be then used in the Aethyric Rites of the Arbor De Magistro. The result of this process is a different and unique interaction that is non-existent in the other forms of communication. Finally, Grimorium Caelorum contains some familiar characters in Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, and Samael, it is a grimoire of the spirits of the Seven Heavens”.

Claves Regni is a massive tome, spanning over 500 pages and with hundreds of detailed sigils and illustrations, a must have for any serious practitioner of the Arte.