Cairo Stela 666: Stele of Revealing – Aleister Crowley


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Hardcover cloth cover/case, with softcover booklet & 10 prints. Limited edition of 93 copies each copy is individually numbered, Plus 3 Additional Out-of-Series Copies Numbered 1-3. 28pp illustrated booklet printed on quality paper. Crowley worked with two translations of the hieroglyphs on the Stele of Revealing. One he commissioned before the Reception of the Book of the Law, this was attributed to the assistant curator of the Boulak Museum, Monsieur Delormant. However there is a mystery here as no one of that name was ever employed by the museum! From this Crowley compiled his poetic paraphrase of the text. Crowley commisssioned a second translation by Gardiner and Gunn which appeared for publication in the Equinox. This publication compares these two versions with a new translation, benefiting from modern scholarship, by Terence Duquesne. Each set of hieroglyphs is reproduced in colour with the associated translations below. The booklet is enclosed in an elegant clothbound folder, gilt blocked with the title. Also in the folder is a set of 10 loose plates printed using high quality offset litho, so they do not pixilate when viewed closely. The images on the prints are up to 20cm x 12cm. The images consist of obverse and reverse of Stele with Crowley’s poetic version of the hieroglyphs on the reverse; another set of obvers and reverse of Stele, but these with no text on back so that they can be used to make a reproduction Stele as instructed in Liber Al.; Crowley in magical robes giving sign of Horus with scrying stone and book titled “Perdurabo Magister” in front of him; Leon Enger’s Kennedy, the Master Therion; Aleister Crowley – May Morn (painting); someone in magical robes giving sign of Silence framed by Egyptian columns; Leila Waddell in magical robes playing violin; magical drawing by J.F.C. Fuller featuring lion, snake etc. The loose plates can be kept safe in the folder but also are suitable for framing.