Asaya Ka Luxa – Vermilion (Aeon Sophia Press)


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Through many systems of religion and spirituality, there has been many paths created from man seeking something grander outside of themselves, worshiping gods and ideologies which have humans giving away their power and will. Spirituality, as a whole, needs a psychological approach which blends both eastern and western practices into a unified practice of SELF realization. Through knowing yourself at a Soul level, and who you are energetically, you get to understand your true power which you possess.


Enlightenment is the grand goal of spirituality, it is the great plan for man to wake up to themselves at a soul level and who they truly are. This realization is not just enough, knowing yourself at such a deep level comes a sense of responsibility to become the better aspects of yourself and raise the vibration of your emotions, thoughts, and body into better and higher states. Through many practices there is no guide how to do this but rather watered down ideas and practices. If you could know yourself at the deepest levels, would you?


Asaya Ka Luxa is a treatise on a cosmological view point of the self and how to obtain connection and awareness of your Over-soul and the dualistic Angelic/Demonic levels of your own Soul Personality. Based on the authors personal life time(s) of research and spiritual practice, this practice is a blend of western and eastern philosophies and is based purely on the authors research and spiritual inner plane connection to what the author calls “The council of Light”.