Abraxas journal no. 2 (Fulgur) softcover edition


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Editorial – Robert Ansell
The Tree of Death – John Clowder
Adan y Eva – Marcelo Bordese
The White Goddess: A Personal Account – Grevel Lindop
Brion Gysin: Shaman of the Beat Hotel – Jon Crabb

The Ritual Theatre of Hallucination – Allan Graubard
The Far Side of the World’s Mirror – Ian MacFadyen
Remembering Ira – Edwin Pouncey

Lost Words – Ira Cohen
Urban Sigils – Mark Titchner

Elucidarium Zze Firanki – Misior
Finding the Long-Lost Friend – Dan Harms
To Raise the Dead and Enjoy Congress with Them – Peter Dube
By Standing Stone and Twisted Tree – Desiree Isphording
Invocation of the Horned God – Doreen Valiente
Five Studies – Lauren Simonutti
Out of the Zero Hours – Residue
IO:EVOE, The Transvocatory Media of Barry William Hale – Robert Fitzgerald interviews Barry Hale
Portrait of a Magical Maker – Amy Hale
Astral Flight – Talon Abraxas
The Metamorphic Self – Robert Ansell talks with Cristina Francov
Sorceress in Mauve – Peter Redgrove
Pashupati: A Cainite Trimurti – Shani Oates
Peter Redgrove: Blood and Dreams – Edward Gauntlett
On the Always Wandering Way – Christopher Greenchild
Spells – Malgorzata Maj
She’s Lost Control – Heather Tracy
Endless Shifting: a Feast of Images Swallowed by Sound – Jack Sargeant interviews Adi Newton
The Habit of Perfection – illustrated by Ithell Colquhoun
Knowledge – T. Thorn Coyle
Fossil Angels – Alan Moore
To End Uneasy Dreams – Peter Dube

Tesserae: An Audio Supplement – compiled by Gavin W. Semple