Abgrundjabōkiz Twai – (Abgrundjaskalkaz)


148 pages.
1st edition
Hard cover (case laminate with dust jacket)

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The second issue of Abgrundjabōkiz (‘The book of the abyss’), an article compendium released and financed by the Thurisan Germanic Männerbund Abgrundjaskalkaz. Contains four articles with connection to the occult esoterism within the Teutonic tradition.

1. “Þeudatruzlą – Energy draining entities of Germanic tradition” by Wurmaz
2. “Lūkablōtą – The Initial Sacrifice to Loki” by Nīþaz
3. “9 in 1 – A Germanic perspective of the Mankind” by Wōstiję̄
4. “Þurisajēragangaz – The guide to the Þursian year” by Hraiwaz