Saturn Rising (1st edition) – J.T. Kirkbride (Aeon Sophia)


1st edition.

Some minor marking and shelfwear to the cloth.

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Saturn Rising is a talismanic grimoire promoting the veneration, worship and pursuit of death in all its formless glory, whether manifesting as death-as-ending, death-as-change, or death-as-rebirth. While it may appear that creation and destruction are the two ends of a very broad spectrum, this work serves to guide the reader to the understanding that they are but two sides of a very thin coin, remaining forever inseparable. In order to create a work of art, we must first destroy a virgin canvas. Before we are able to compose a piece of music, we must likewise destroy the sanctity of silence. When we choose to create more Life for ourselves, we must also understand how – and what it means – to Die.

Saturn Rising is a fundamentally different text to most every esoteric publication to date. Its extensive use of dependable and reproducible modern science as a device for conceptual metaphor, in addition to its fervent championing of the Scientific Method remind us of those two short statements which grace the “Equinox” journal of the Argenteum Astrum: “The Method of Science — The Aim of Religion”. While some may regard as suspicious the inclusion of a highly-scientific foundation within a talismanic grimoire, its purpose is by no means to attempt to explain-away any spiritual experience in terms of psychological – or other – wholly-physical phenomena. Rather, it is to provide a common foundation and a base of universal definitions by which spiritual experiences may be communicated, systematically evaluated, and if possible, even reproduced. Surely, there can be no better model to adopt than that of modern science if one wishes to attempt the reproduction – and study – of spiritual, mystical and paranormal phenomena.